What is the “Due Diligence Period” for a Home Inspection?

The “Due Diligence Period” is a contract-based span of time that provides potential owners with the chance to have the house inspected and allows you to get out of the contract.   Be sure to let your agent know that you do not want them to negotiate with your number of “Due Diligence” days to “Sweeten the Pot” so your contract will be the one that is accepted. Who just got the “Sweetened Pot” in that deal? Not You. This only benefits the seller.

You should have no less than 10 days of “Due Diligence” to have the house inspected and appraised. No exceptions. This puts you in a rush and people are known to make mistakes when they are rushed around. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed around by anyone. Find out what you have to do, take care of it, and keep the process moving forward.

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