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Did you know that in the State of Georgia, if you have a flashlight and a business license, you are a qualified home inspector? It’s true! There are many home inspection companies in Atlanta that have no building experience, no construction expertise, and no chance at truly understanding whether or not a structure is safe. Do you really want to trust your future to someone who doesn’t know how to ensure you and your family are safe?

Certified Home Inspectors with Real Training

Top to Bottom Home Inspection Service is different. Our trained, certified, and on-the-job experienced home inspectors maintain construction and inspection certifications from groups like ASHI, NACHI, the ICC, and other well known code enforcement groups.

The History of Top to Bottom Home Inspection Service

Founded in 2000 by Steve Goolsby and his son, Jonathan, Top to Bottom Home Inspection Service is a family owned and operated property inspection company that serves the Metro Atlanta area. We’re dedicated to helping homeowners and construction groups understand the property they’re purchasing and ensure that it’s safe, secure, and ready for occupants.

Steve and Jonathan have performed thousands of property inspections for the good people around Atlanta. We do not work for any real estate agent, builder or mortgage companies – we work for you, the buyer.

Our mission is to perform the best-possible inspection for our clients and make sure they know everything about the property they’re considering purchasing. We treat each and every client as if they were one of our own, which means we won’t recommend a property unless we’re sure it’s safe, secure, up to code, and ready for occupation.

Steve Goolsby – Atlanta Home Inspector

As someone who grew up in the construction industry and started framing houses at 15 years old, Steve has hands-on experience with building homes and understands what’s needed to make a structure safe and secure. After working with inexperienced inspectors who had simply completed a 2-weekend course, Steve saw a real need for certified inspectors with actual construction experience. Steve worked as a certified home inspector for another company and a local municipality for over 4 years prior to founding Top to Bottom Home Inspection Service. 

Other Experience and Achievements:

  • Honorably Discharged Veteran of the United States Air Force
  • Licensed and Insured
  • ASHI Certified Inspector 
  • Featured Inspector on the Clark Howard Show in 2004
  • Code Certified Inspector
  • FHA Approved Inspector

Jonathan Goolsby – Atlanta Home Inspector

Jonathan started going out on home inspections with his father, Steve, when he was just 11 years old. Steve wanted to start him out at a young age in order to pass on his knowledge of houses and make sure Jonathan had real in the field training. He was trained by his father in the ways of construction, how to properly inspect houses, and everything to look for while doing so. Jonathan went full time as a home inspector during his high school years and has become part owner with his father with over 20 years experience inspecting homes.

Other Experience and Achievements:

  • InterNACHI Certified
  • 20+ years of experience
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