Home Inspection FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Inspections in Atlanta, GA

For over 20 years, Top to Bottom Home Inspections Services has helped Northeast Atlanta-area homeowners and business owners rest easy knowing the property their purchasing is in good shape. A big part of our job includes providing knowledgable, expert-level answers to frequently asked questions regarding the home inspection process.

Our fully certified home inspectors are committed to educating our clients about their new property and its condition, which is why we’ve gathered some of the most common questions we receive from our customers.

Three-Phase Inspection FAQs

Three-phase inspections are for someone who is having a house built from the ground up and wants to make sure their home is being constructed properly throughout the construction process. The three inspection phases are: Slab prep, rough-in (pre-drywall), and the final.

If you are having a house built from the ground up, three-phase inspections are the best way to make sure that your home is being constructed properly. Once the slab is poured and the drywall goes up, there is no way to see behind the drywall or underneath the slab, so it is important to catch issues during these phases. As three-phase inspectors, we act as a second set of eyes to ensure that the final product is what you expect.

Definitely yes! This is the only way you get to learn about the condition of the house you are getting ready to purchase. People need to know the condition of the house so they can make the right informed decision.

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