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Did you know that in the State of Georgia, if you have a flashlight and a business license, you are a qualified home inspector without having to have any construction or building experience at all...scary isn't it. There is no State Agency that regulates the Home Inspection industry therefore, as a home buyer in the Atlanta and Metro Atlanta Area, you should be careful whom you choose to be your home inspector because the home inspection is a critical component in the home buying process.

When Choosing a home inspector to perform your property inspection there are several certifications that inspectors can have.

One of the most recognized and credible national home inspector certifications is ASHI. ASHI stands for the American Society of Home Inspectors. ASHI has three different types of inspectors which are ASHI Candidates, ASHI Members and ASHI Certified Inspectors. ASHI Certified Inspectors being the highest standing with ASHI.

Another very important certification is the code certification. This is very important for an inspector to have especially in newly constructed homes. Some builders even require a home inspector to be code certified before they will allow them to perform an inspection on a new home. This is very essential for an inspector to have because an inspector must be able to identify code issues and then be able to back up their finding using the current codes applicable in the state of Georgia.

Another useful designation is to be a FHA approved inspector. Although this is not critical, this can help in the inspection process especially if you are getting a FHA loan. FHA approved inspectors know the FHA guidelines and what issues with a house FHA may not approve for a loan.

The most important certification is not a certification at all and is not required to be a property inspector in Georgia...actual building experience. Taking different home inspection courses can be helpful as well as obtaining the various certifications however, nothing surpasses actual hands on experience as a builder. This does not mean being a trim carpenter, handyman or plumber, this means actual HANDS ON EXPERIENCE AS A BUILDER.

Construction Experience

Steve grew up in the construction industry and worked with his father who was a general contractor for almost 50 years here in the State of Georgia. In order to learn the principles of construction his father put him to work on a framing crew at the age of 15 years old. Since then, Steve has been a builder in both residential and commercial construction. His hands on experience includes construction from start to finish of the building projects. Most home inspectors do not have actual hands on building experience because it is not required to be a home inspector.

Inspection Experience

Steve has been inspecting homes and commercial properties in Atlanta and Metro Atlanta since 1996. He was Code Certified in 1996 #2016. He is an approved FHA Inspector. Steve is also an ASHI Certified Inspector.

Other Experience and Achievements:

  • Honorably Discharged Veteran of the United States Air Force
  • Licensed and Insured
  • ASHI Certified Inspector
  • Featured Inspector on the Clark Howard Show in 2004
  • Code Certified Inspector
  • FHA Approved Inspector
Inspection Experience

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