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Detailed Home Inspections

Top to Bottom Home Inspection Service serving Atlanta and Metro Atlanta area offers high-quality detailed property inspections with customized and easy to understand home inspection reports with pictures. We recognize that having a report from a thorough home inspector that can be easily understood helps you learn the true condition of the house. The pictures provide you with a clearer understanding of the items needing repair or replacement. From the foundation to the roof, the grounds, inside and out, electrical, plumbing, and the heating and air, we inspect the entire house and all systems. This will enable you to make the right decision about your purchase and single most important investment in your life.

Certified Home Inspector

Existing Home Inspections

When purchasing an existing home, you want to know what the real condition is. Some homes in the Atlanta area can have underlying problems that surface once you move in that can cost you thousands or the safety of you and your family unless they are identified from our home inspection. Our purpose is to identify and to explain to you these concerns so that you can make an informed decision.

New Construction Inspections

There is no such thing as a perfect home whether it is a new construction or existing home. When buying a new home in the Atlanta or Metro Atlanta area, you are hoping to not have to deal with any problems that are associated with an existing or pre-owned home. There can still be concerns with new construction such as items that are overlooked or do not comply with the codes applicable in the State of Georgia. These can be minor or life safety concerns. We are Code Certified and having construction experience will certainly put you in good hands by allowing us to inspect your new home. All of our new construction property inspections include a home inspection report with all of the code sections that involve all code violations, manufacturers installation instructions for improperly installed equipment and life safety issues.

New Construction Inspections

Slab/Foundation Inspections

Three-Phase Inspections

Our three-phase home inspection service is for clients looking to have a home built from the ground up. We will inspect three different aspects of the building process: the slab or foundation prior to concrete being poured, the rough in framing (pre-drywall), and then the final inspection once the house has been completed and ready to move in. Our job here is to ensure that every part of the build, from the ground up, is monitored and up to code. Not only does this help you, the buyer, it also helps the builder to eliminate returning to the house to make any adjustments or repairs.